Very simply, I believe music is meant to move us, and that great production helps it do so. When a great song breathes clear, full, deep breaths, it feels more alive and clings to that visceral spot in our soul that makes an otherwise ordinary moment, special. To bring this life into your music it takes good ears, good gear, good musicality, and good work ethic, and that's exactly what Goodbird has.

The studio is acoustically treated, stocked with world class analog mixing equipment, and operated with relentless perfectionism, all to ensure your music comes out sounding tippy "tippy" top – So with passion and the right tools, Goodbird offers affordable and uncompromising music production to the independent artist. Don't be afraid to reach out and we'll talk about how to get your music sounding it's best.


Chandler Zener Limiter
Acme Opticom MkII
Chandler Germanium Compressor (2)
Chandler TG Cassette
Hendyamps Michaelangelo
Hendyamps Vangogh
Tube-Tech CL2A
Chandler Curvebender
Chandler TG2
Chandler TG Opto Compressor
LTL Chroma (4) 
LTL Chop Shop
Burl B32 Vancouver
Apogee Symphony 32
Burl B2 Bomber
UAD Octo Card (2)
PSI A21 Monitors